Hey Sedulous Creative, On the Verge of a Burnout?

Sedulous: showing dedication and diligence; accomplished with careful perseverance.  You work hard and give it your absolute all.  Until you can't.  

Sedulous creativity and burnout can go hand in hand.  

But it doesn't have to.  

Burnout is debilitating and can be lasting if not stopped in it's tracks.  And you usually don't see it coming. You're too busy forging ahead, and then —bam!  Creativity has gone out of the door. You're exhausted, depleted, done.

Know the feeling?  Unfortunately, you can't stay under the covers forever... but there is good news.

You can banish burnout and keep it gone for good.

Simple steps to give your brain, body, and environment a little love can work wonders to stop burnout. And prevent it from happening in the first place.  

Although Sedulous Creatives are especially prone to burnout, none of us are immune.  Curious about your creative style?  Click here to take the assessment.

Whether you're a Sedulous Creative by nature or working on a project that requires sustained, focused creativity, read on to keep your juju going.  

 A hallmark of Sedulous Creativity:  "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." —Thomas Edison

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You and Thomas Edison share this creative style.

You use a lot of brain power to accumulate massive amounts of info and tie it all together.  You're driven to find answers.  Every new discovery lights you on fire.  

Thankfully, to keep that bright light burning, you can take simple steps right now to prevent burnout and boost your creativity at the same time.  

First, understand how your ticker works with Sedulous Creativity.  Then commit these strategies to habit and watch your motivation take off.  

You're a researcher and are endlessly curious.  Tenacity just may be your middle name.  You improve things that currently exist AND create original new work.  You're method is intentional:  First you learn all you can. Then you make amazing improvements or come up with something totally new.  You're a life-long learner and innovator.

Key words:  cognitive, deliberate, knowledgeable, dedicated, diligent, questioning


5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Sedulous Creativity

1.  organize

2.  meditate

3.  eat and sleep well

4.  remove distractions

5.  take breaks

The Sedulous brain is a brain on fire. You heavily enlists the pre-frontal cortex (conscious, deliberate connections) with a sustained focus to make discoveries. You pull together a large body of information from different parts of your brain and process it all.

Tips:   Meditation will help with your focus and processing speed.  Eat well and get enough sleep to support the energy your brain needs - and it needs a lot.  Establish a peaceful environment.  Set up an organizational system that works for you whether it's digital resources in Google Drive or mason jars with labels.  It's easy to forgot to take breaks when you're so driven but even short breaks of a couple of minutes can refresh your thoughts and help you be more productive. Set a timer, take breaks. 

Have you ever experienced burnout? What pulled you out of it?