You’re most creative when you’re happy, thinking clearly, and taking good care of yourself. Here are some of our favorite tools for getting creative and thriving in this ever changing world.

mindful creativity

Free resources for creative awareness, peace, and clarity.

Get Creatively Mindful

Doodle your way to peace and creativity with this printable sacred geometry mandala!


Discover your Creative Mode and start changing the world. Knowledge is Power.

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Creative Mode Assessment

Meditate & Get Creative

Get peaceful, open, and creative. Download this free meditation to relax, reboot your senses, and expand your awareness.


Some of the resources below will pay us a small commission if you decide to purchase after clicking through from our site. (Some are entirely free or pay us no commission at all.) There’s never an additional cost to you, it helps us to create more content, and you may find a new resource you love as much as we do!

apps for Creative Beings

Free & available for Android & IOS.

Nurture Your Mind

Massive library of free meditations to try + a timer.

Insight Timer

Take Notes

Have an idea?  Write it down and let it go to free your mind up for even more ideas. Keep ’em coming.


Feed Your Curiosity

Inspirational Ted Talks at your fingertips.

Ted Talks

care & feeding for Creatives

Your creativity us directly tied to your life force. These are our top picks to support your brain and your body. #nostarvingartists

The One Eared Stag

If you’re in Atlanta, check out their Instagram for their killer daily takeout offerings. We’re lucky to have this award winning restaurant as our neighbor and as friends. They’re also offering a farm to table produce market that supports our local organic farmers.

Delivered to your door! (U.S)

These are our picks for sustainable and healthy options when you can’t buy local.

Organic & Healthy Food at Wholesale

Save 25-50% for just $60/year. Most save more than the membership with their first 2 orders. Plus,for every paid membership Thrive Market donates a membership to a low-income family, veteran or teacher! 

Nutritious, Sustainable Wild Seafood

Happiness delivered.

Make mealtime easy with fresh seafood, healthy snacks and canned goodness delivered to your door from VitalChoice Seafood and Organics.

Grass Fed, Pasture Raised Beef, Pork & Chicken + Seafood

FarmFoods makes it easy to get to know your farmer, the exact farm you’re supporting, and how they treat their animals —so you can feel safe in what you’re eating. Healthy Goodness, Highest-Grade Natural Supplements! Fast, Free Shipping!

High Quality Supplements & Organics

Pure Formulas carries a lot of our favorite brands and ship quickly. One favorite for immunity: Source Naturals Wellness Formula