You Are Creative. The Question is, How?

What's Your Special Sauce?  Your Mojo?  How Are You Brilliant?​  

Does inspiration hit out of the blue or do your wheels turn as you carefully consider every option? Do you feel it in your bones or is there a logical method to your madness?

The answers to these questions and more can give you valuable insight into how you process information, innovate, and how you are creative.

Ever thought about how you create?

You've been creative since day one. We're hardwired for it! It's a part of being human. We're creative by nature and by necessity. 

Even if you don't think you have a creative bone in your body. Or you're not artistic. And you can't make a decision about color. You're absolutely, without a doubt, creative.

Get this: Your Creative Mode solves your problems! 

Whether you're thinking about it or not. It's how you change the world. Or a moment. Or arrange the furniture.

​Being creative is as innate as breathing. You're creative every single day. Sometimes in multiple ways at once. 

And... You have a natural way of being creative.

Neuropsychologist Arne Dietrich (The Cognitive Neuroscience of Creativity, 2004) writes that from a neurological perspective, creativity develops in 4 ways:


  • cognitively
  • emotionally
  • spontaneously
  • deliberately. 

What this means is that when you tackle a challenge, you're coming from a place of intellect, your heart, or a combination.

Your discoveries can be revealed in a flash or after a lot of thought. You may feel it in your gut. Or inspiration may hit when you're not thinking about anything in particular at all. Most of us have one main go-to creative mode. But...

Make no mistake:  You're capable of every Creative Mode. 

And your way of innovating and creating is as original as you are. 

Your work or projects may demand a certain way of thinking. And you may have structured your life around your innate creative strengths. Or not, which could make you feel as if you're butting you're head against a wall.

Understanding and developing your Creative Modes brings conscious awareness to how you do the things you do. And makes life easier. 

Your creativity is one of your greatest super powers.

It's how you change the world. It will be your legacy. Give it some attention and your creativity will grow.

Learning about your Primary Creative Mode can help you become more productive and simplify your life. You can use tailor-made strategies to get past blocks, get better results, and have more time in your day.

Exploring your Secondary Creative Modes can open new ways of seeing the world, create novel ways of solving problems, and expand your opportunities.  

Understanding how you're creative is priceless insight that will make your life easier and your world a little more brilliant. You'll gain appreciation for how others tackle challenges, too.

Jump start your creativity by understanding it.  Chances are, you have one Primary Creative Mode. (Although you're capable of them all.)  

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And in case you're wondering...

There isn't a more or less creative Creative Mode.


Just different. Thomas Edison, Sir Issac Newton, Steve Jobs and John Lennon all had completely different ​Creative ​Modes.  They're all brilliant.  So are you.

Curious about your Creative Mode?  Discover your Creative Mode with this FREE assessment.

photo by JF, Fairy Light created by Tucker Lancaster

Is there a time in your life you've felt especially creative?  What's your ​Creative Mode?