How to Get Unstuck – Light Up Your Subconscious with a Eureka Moment

We've all been there. That baffling, helpless feeling of not knowing what to do next.  Of being stuck. Whether it's a creative project that's got you in limbo or you just can't figure out what steps to take next in the business of creating your life. It can lead to a self perpetuating spiral of panic, feelings of ineptitude, self-doubt, and above all, frustration.

To add insult to injury, you're stuck after you've invested an enormous amount of time and attention. You've thought it through. You've turned this around in your head a million times. 

But you're




But, of course... you being you, you're not ready to give up. You know you can figure this out —you just need a breakthrough.

One way is to stop chasing and let the breakthrough come to you.


Tap into Your Subconscious for a Eureka Moment

​Eureka moments. You've had them before when you've least expected. In a flash, everything makes sense. And it feels so good. That aha moment from out of the blue. Biochemically, endorphins flood your system and voila - your motivation is back.

Eureka Creativity is a specific kind of problem solving that involves both your conscious and subconscious. It starts with a certain amount of conscious knowledge. It often builds on information and work of those that came before you. It's refined with your research, your dogged determination, and your relentless curiosity. 

When you've done all you can and exhausted ​every resource, ​​​you know it's time for a little out of the box thinking. This is where the subconscious excels and how Eureka moments happen.

The great news is you can take steps to provide the opportunity for Eureka ​flashes of insight to arise. A Eureka moment ​can, in an instant, get you out of ​a rut with a totally fresh perspective. ​ ​​And best of all, with a little practice, you can train your brain to make these kinds of shifts in perspective a little easier for all of the next times.  

​​​1.  Give It All You've Got

That's right. Dig in. Explore, think, turn it around, experiment. Study, research, see what's worked in the past. This is intense work that often takes sustained focus and time. Depending on the problem you're trying to solve, this can be academic pursuits, specialized training, online videos, or a lifetime of living.  If you're stuck, chances are you've already done this step.  On to step two. 

​2.  Let Go

Sometimes you need to simply let go of what you think you know to uncover another possibility. And that can be ​not so simple when you're really good at using your thinking brain. Eureka moments happen when you give your cognitive brain a rest and allow your subconscious to provide the answer. Believe it or not, your subconscious is your friend, quietly working in the background to solve problems that seem out of reach and to give you valuable insight. You've seen it in action when you can't remember someone's name, then when you're not thinking about it, their name pops into your head. Or if you've ever dreamed a solution to a problem. And of course, had an important out of the blue Eureka moment. 

​So what​ can you do when you're stuck? Take a break. You can always come back to it. Sometimes complex problems involve stages of discovery and answers. Allow each discovery to lead you to another one. Removing stress helps your brain work better, too. Know you're not giving up, just allowing a different part of your brain to help you along.  

A few ways ​that can help you let go:

  1. ​exercising
  2. ​forest bathing
  3. ​earthing
  4. ​sleeping
  5. ​redirecting​​
  6. meditating

Letting go sounds more simple that it actually is at times. Especially if you feel pressured to find an answer, or you're just not used to​ changing channels. It gets easier with practice. You may find some things help you let go easier than others, so start with what's easiest for you.  

Hand it over to the Universe for just a bit. When you're truly stuck, you have nothing to lose. And you may be happily surprised by the result.  

Have you had any Eureka moments lately? What helps you to let go?

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"There is nothing like the Eureka moment, of discovering something that no one knew before" - Stephen Hawking

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 What kinds of things do you do to take a mental break?  What helps you to really let go?