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Wonderopa is an online space for you to explore your creativity, get inspired, and thrive. You’ll find free resources and soon —online classes here. But you should know we’re kind of fascinated by how we, individually and collectively are creative.  Why? Because we believe creativity makes us better people. More connected, happier, and more innovative. So this is not just a space to learn how to make things (it is that) but also a space to learn how to be more creative.

We believe that creativity can make us happier, smarter, and it can also be a bridge to mindfulness. Which makes, well, everything better.

What does Wonderopa mean?

We really think the value of wonder can’t be overestimated. It’s a beautiful pause that focuses your attention on something spellbinding for just a moment. It may lead you to curiosity and innovation, or amazement and appreciation. The Greek word opa means both a mistake and a celebration. It also means to stop. We learn the best things from our mistakes and surprises sometimes jar us from complacency to something better. By stopping to pause and reflect, you can see something in a totally new light. Sometimes even, with a little wonder. Wonderopa is a place to make great mistakes, become curious, and get creative. 


  • a feeling of awe caused by something beautiful, unexpected, or inexplicable

  • rapt attention at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience

  • curiosity to learn something



  • a celebration of life
  • a mistake, a surprise or an unexpected event
  • an expression of enthusiasm for life in all of it’s totality, mistakes and all

The Magic of Cultivating Wonder

Most of us could use a break from the grind of modern life. And be more innovative —with work and with life. More connected… to ourselves and with others. And more efficient, peaceful, …and happy. (If this is you, you’re not alone.) Getting there may take the realization that a radical shift is needed. Or noticing a mild discontent when things slow down. And sometimes it takes a major upheaval for us to look at the life we’re leading, the things we do, and the thoughts we hold. Amazing things happen when we take the time to become curious. 

Here’s a question for you:  Is it possible to feel bummed or stressed and feel a sense of wonder at the same time?

We think wonder wins, every time. And we’d love for you to join us in person, in spirit, or just in a little awareness. Jump into a class, challenge your mindset, revive your senses. The magic —is that mindfully cultivating wonder, even in small amounts, has the power to make us more peaceful, creative and innovative. Not bad tools for thriving in the modern world. We invite you to pause, be curious, learn how you are uniquely creative, and make beautiful (or not beautiful – we’ll learn something!) mistakes.

Our History

Wonderopa was founded by Julie Franklin of Bumblebee Press to teach the centuries old craft of letterpress, provide a space for others to share their knowledge, and create a community of artists and resources to bring a little more joy into our world. Decades before, she’d fallen in love with letterpress and made it her livelihood. And along the way, she found that meditation and yoga provided her with a much needed balance with life, running a business, and coaxing old world machinery into modern feats of design. She believes creativity and mindfulness are inextricably linked, can make us happier, more productive, and can be learned. Especially if we’re having fun.

Our Mantra

Be Happy, Be Clear, Be Creative

Why? The butterfly effect. You have original, one of a kind gifts to share that will make this world a better place. And it all starts with you, from the inside out. Improve one part and other parts improve. Creativity helps with clarity and makes you happier. When you’re happier, you’re more creative —and can think more clearly. Clarity makes you more creative …and happier.  

This is an exciting time with thousands of studies that show the benefit of developing creativity and cultivating mindfulness: There can be measurable improvements in our physical and mental health. We become more productive, innovative, and resilient. Our failures become possibilities. And our connection to others improves.

Letting go of the pressures of life and accessing your creative flow can reboot your brain for more clarity and peace. Allowing yourself to pause, be fully present, and inspired acts as a powerful spring that gives you more momentum to get things done and feel better.

Our world is more interconnected than ever before. We’re capable of making it better for us all and for generations to come. Creativity, like peace, is contagious. And the best ideas start with one clear moment. 


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