So glad you’re here.

What’s Wonderopa?

It’s a place to explore what it means to be creative and how we can be happier, moment by moment.

The things we do and the thoughts we think have the potential to change our world, from the inside out.  It’s a mystical concept.

And now, thanks to extensive research in neuroscience, it’s backed by science. We can see measurable differences in our brains with MRIs after practicing even small amounts of meditation and experiencing joy. It’s possible to raise our happiness quotient …by practicing happiness. We can get a handle on our anxiety and ease depression by simply learning to be in the present moment.

And it can be fun.

Getting to where we want to be and how we want to feel happens faster when we’re having fun.  (That’s also backed by science. When we feel passionate about something, we build those neural connections more rapidly.) 

By understanding how we work and developing an awareness of how we think, feel and operate, we can learn to be more productive and innovative.  And above all, happier.

Creativity isn’t a luxury.  It’s a necessity for a good life and a better world.

Join us on this journey to learn more.